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Final week from the RV Armstrong

by Femke de Jong Today we steam for Iceland. After four weeks of mooring operations and CTDs even those among us who are always looking for more data are ready to go home. Part of it is mindset, we were

Spare Time

by Heather Furey Well, this cruise has been singular – definitely the best weather for deployments and recoveries that I have experienced while at sea.  I’ve been noticing the things folks do in their spare time.  Every cruise is different;

Nature – News

Earlier this week many of the researchers and scientists involved in OSNAP presented their work, based on the first two years of continuous monitoring in the North Atlantic, at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR. While there are still

News on OSNAP results

by Feili Li It seems to be a quiet year for OSNAP – just one OSNAP cruise took place last summer and so most of the moorings have stayed in the water for a year and a half.  But OSNAP

Back to school and starting-up the new modelling sensitivity studies

by Laura Castro de la Guardia When I am ask by friends: What is it that I study? I generally give them the quick answer: I study biological-oceanography at the University of Alberta. But when they look-up “University of Alberta” on

OSNAP Challenge

We want to bring everyone’s attention to the launch of the OSNAP Challenge located on this site under News and Events. Anyone is welcome to submit a prediction (or technically a hindcast because the data have already been collected) for

Predicting the next 18 months of the AMOC at the RAPID line with a statistical model

by Nick Foukal, graduate student at Duke University As the RAPID team prepares to release the next 18 months of AMOC measurements from the mooring array at 26°N, I have been busy building a statistical model to predict those observations.

OSNAP Related Postdoctoral Position – Duke University

Open Postdoctoral Position at Duke University with Susan Lozier A postdoctoral research position is available in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. The researcher will take the lead on a study of the mechanisms by which variable


OSNAP will be well represented at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting!  Many of the scientist who have written for the blog will be giving presentations on their work.  This will be a great opportunity to get a more in depth

Mysteries of the Deep Subpolar North Atlantic

by Amy Bower and Heather Furey Over the past several decades, oceanographers have constructed maps of the deep currents in the North Atlantic by piecing together measurements of currents and water properties from widely separated locations at different times. An