OSNAP at Upcoming Meetings

EGU General Assembly 2024

14-19 April 2024
Vienna, Austria & Online

OS 1.2 The North Atlantic: natural variability and global change
Convener: Richard Greatbatch
Co-conveners: Bablu Sinha,Damien Desbruyeres,Caroline Katsman,Monika Rhein

EGU24-20241 | Orals | OS1.2 AMOC Connectivity Between the RAPID and OSNAP Lines Revealed by a Model-Based Dataset 
Lei Han

EGU24-8498 | Posters on-site | OS1.2 Where does the AMOC peak? Assessing regional variations in North Atlantic Overturning from GLORYS12  
Caroline Katsman, David Oldenhuis, Dennis Vermeulen, and Renske Gelderloos

EGU24-6116 | ECS | Orals | OS1.2 Early warning signals of AMOC collapse from North Atlantic array observations 
Emma Smolders, René van Westen, and Henk Dijkstra

EGU24-3137 | Posters on-site | OS1.11 Contrasting future changes in the North Atlantic and Nordic Seas overturning circulations 
Marius Årthun, Helene Asbjørnsen, Leon Chafik, Helen L. Johnson, and Kjetil Våge

EGU24-4310 | ECS | Orals | OS1.11 New Arctic quality metrics based on oceanic transports for CMIP6 
Susanna Winkelbauer, Michael Mayer, and Leopold Haimberger

EGU24-16132 | Orals | ST4.7 Estimate of the global and regional Ocean Heat Content changes from space gravimetry and altimetry observations to assess the Earth Energy Imbalance variations and trend 
Robin Fraudeau, Florence Marti, Benoit Meyssignac, Alejandro Blazquez, Sebastien Fourest, Michael Ablain, Victor Rousseau, Gilles Larnicol, Marco Restano, Jérôme Benveniste, Roberto Sabia, and Gérald Dibarboure