OSNAP-Ocean Biogeochemistry workshop

When: On February 20 from 9:00 to 12:30 CST
Where: At the Ocean Sciences Meeting and Online

The objectives of the workshop are:

  1. to identify and strengthen synergies between the different international physical and biogeochemical programs focused on the high-latitude North Atlantic (both observational, analysis and modeling-based)
  2. to develop strategies to leverage OSNAP as an observational and analysis platform to address ocean biogeochemistry questions

For any questions please contact Monica Nelson or Kylie Kinne

Fall Workshop 2023

When: On November 15 from 15:00 to 17:00 UTC.
Where: Online – Please contact if you would like to attend but haven’t received an invitation yet.

Invited Speakers:

  • Yao Fu, Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Hilary Palevsky, Assistant Professor, Boston College, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    G is for Gases: How and Why GOHSNAP is adding Oxygen and Carbon to OSNAP 
  • Una Miller, Postdoc at Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island 
    Oxygen-optode processing and first insights from the trans-basin GOHSNAP oxygen time series 
  • Hiroki Nagao, PhD Student in Physical Oceanography at MIT-WHOI Joint Program
    Variability of Oxygen in Denmark Strait Overflow Water (DSOW) as Revealed by Moored Oxygen Sensors in the Irminger Basin. 
  • Clare Johnson, Postdoctoral Research Associate in physical oceanography at SAMS
    Nutrient and carbon transports in the eastern subpolar North Atlantic. 
  • Oliver Tooth, PhD Student in Physical Oceanography at University of Oxford
    A Lagrangian view of seasonal overturning variability in the eastern North Atlantic subpolar gyre. 
  • Sasha (Aleksandr) Fedorov, PhD Candidate at NIOZ, UU
    The NIOZ group: Greenland Tip Jet in the future high resolution CESM simulation

Summer Workshop 2023

When: On June 27th, from 14:00 to 16:00 UTC.
Where: Online – Please contact if you would like to attend but haven’t received an invitation yet.


  • OSNAP Update: Yao Fu
  • 2-minutes presentations:
    • Isabela Le Bras, WHOI, Revisiting the role of LSW in subpolar overturning
    • Hiroki Nagao, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, Observing the oxygenation of Denmark Strait Overflow Water (DSOW) in the Irminger Basin  
    • Nora Fried, NIOZ, A Lagrangian study on the structure and pathways of the Irminger Current  
    • Manish Devana, University of Miami, Turbulent Buoyancy Forcing in Iceland Scotland Overflow Circulation  
    • Hemant Khatri, University of Liverpool, Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean variability and the North Atlantic Oscillation  
    • Emma Worthington, University of Miami, Updating Lower North Atlantic Deep Water transports in the sub-polar North Atlantic  
    • Jaime Palter, URI, Updates from GOHSNAP: Gases in the Overturning and Horizontal Circulation of the North Atlantic Program  
    • Marilena Oltmanns, National Oceanography Centre, A new spin in North Atlantic climate change  
    • Aleksandr Fedorov, NIOZ, UU, Greenland Tip Jet and its potential in shaping the AMOC  
    • Monica Nelson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Investigating the role of troughs on the Greenland shelf  
    • Greg Koman, WHOI, Reconciling a decreasing DWBC with a steady AMOC
  • Discussions
    • Topic 1: GOHSNAP results, needs, goals, and collaborations led by Jaime Palter
    • Topic 2: The future of OSNAP led by Penny Holliday
  • Early Career Meet & Greet

    Fall Workshop 2022

    This meeting was recorded. You may watch it here.

    When: On November 22nd, from 14:00 to 16:00 UTC.Where: Online – Please contact if you would like to attend but haven’t received an invitation yet.


    • Susan Lozier and Yao Fu (Georgia Tech): OSNAP time series update
    • Jannes Koelling (Dalhousie University): The oxygen budget in the Labrador Sea and its variability
    • Emma Worthington (RSMAS): Updating the LNADW circulation in the subpolar gyre
    • Monica Nelson (Scripps, UC San Diego): Impact of Irminger gyre densification on seasonal restratification dynamics
    • Jörg Fröhle (GEOMAR): The 53N array from remote sensing: Combining in situ data and satellite altimetry
    • Alan Fox (SAMS): Exceptional freshening and cooling in the eastern subpolar North Atlantic caused by reduced Labrador Sea surface heat loss
    • Margarita Markina (University of Oxford): Response of AMOC to variability in surface wind stress on different scales