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Christmas in Newfoundland

Brad deYoung, Robin Matthews and Mark Downey Physics and Physical Oceanography Memorial University, Newfoundland 11 January 2017 This fall we deployed an ocean glider into the Labrador Sea.  Our goal was to make measurements of the oxygen and carbon dioxide

At the Bight, and Oceanographer Heartbreak

OSNAP, Year 3 Leg 1, 56 42.45N 33 42.02W, 19-July-2016, At the Bight, and Oceanographer  Heartbreak. by Heather Furey So, we made it!  We are at the Bight.  I have to say though, troops are restless.  There are rumors flying

OSNAP Year 3 Leg 1, 15-July-2016, 61d 07.77N 28d 47.43W, steaming north.

by Heather Furey We woke up this morning to the awful news of a van driving into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.  Our French nationals onboard did not personally know anyone hurt.  So sad and so useless, the

Another piece of a puzzle

By Tiago Bilo After the 15th day at sea, scientists from University of Miami lead by Dr. William Johns had successfully deployed their fifth deep water mooring under the curious watch of Pilot Whales. This mooring is part of the

New adventures in the North Atlantic on the RRS Discovery

by Loic Houpert It’s been now more than a week that we left Glasgow on the RRS Discovery for the OSNAP cruise DY053. We entered the Iceland Basin yesterday to start the maintenance of the US moorings, after successfully turnover the

Focus on quality control

By Dasha Atamanchuk This doesn’t sound new: Having bad data is worse than having no data!  Anyone who had to deal with ‘fishy’ numbers coming out from instrument will agree. A strong motivation is driving Dalhousie team of scientists to

SeaCycler Deployment

by Greg Siddall Introduction: The VITALS (Ventilation, Interactions and Transports Across the Labrador Sea) research network is funded to study how the deep ocean exchanges carbon dioxide, oxygen, and heat with the atmosphere through the Labrador Sea. To address this

Crossing the deep convective regions in the North Atlantic

by Sijia Zou Another promising year for measuring Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation starts with cruise Maria S. Merian 54 (MSM 54), which departed St. John’s, Canada on 12th May and will end on 7th June in Reykjavik, Iceland. During this

Taking part in Maria S Merians long, long journey through the Atlantic Ocean and beyond

by Johannes Karstensen, chiefscientist MSM54 expedition  The ocean-class German research ships are rarely seen in Germany. They follow a route that is composed by many individual expeditions and converting the ships travel into a long, long journey; for Maria S

Go with the flow

‘Go with the flow’: Research on the currents in the subpolar North Atlantic This past July chief scientist Laura de Steur and the crew of the Pelagia set out to take measurements of the subpolar gyre as part of NACLIM and