Survey with Passion

 by Huang Lei

OSNAP 9: R/V Pelagia (EAST Leg 2)

My pleasure to join the OSNAP cruise on Pelagia, to meet kind friends from Europe and America who devote themselves to marine career, to experience series of interesting survey. Along with the days on sailing, it’s not only the difference in culture and tradition but also their passion on oceanology with heart that shocks me. In spite of the same survey to sail in Pacific, there seems to be something lost as pursued years ago, the curiosity to explore the uncertainty.

At occasional glimpse on the patience to ADCP of Dave,  the worry about the calculation on Julian Days of Laura, the preciseness on CTD from Ruud and Karel, and the excitement with photo of Pluto buy tramadol online from NASA in Maarten, I can feel the deep charm of scientific spirit, which roots on the sweat spilled on the way to pursuit for truth. It cannot be measured with material things unless the Tao in Chinese tradition. Road is so long coming that I will seek to search with my will unbending.



By Huang Lei on Pelagia


Narrow words could be recognized as curved on the cloudy screen


Slim letters spread with wind like mails


Soft waves in the sunshine blinked


All these would make no disturbance to my mind unless the northern breeze blew over my grey temples.

Welcome to Qingdao. Please email to me as you occasionally pass by Qingdao.


Address: Ocean University of China ?????????238??????? ??

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