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Call for Abstract Submissions – North Atlantic Session at OSM24

Jannes Koelling, Jaime Palter, Ric Williams, Fiamma Straneo, Hilary Palevsky

We’re hosting a session at OSM24 on ocean physics and biogeochemistry in the subpolar North Atlantic and would love to get submissions from the OSNAP community. The abstract and session link are below:

PL005 – Physical transport and biogeochemical cycling in the subpolar North Atlantic (https://agu.confex.com/agu/OSM24/prelim.cgi/Session/195794)

The subpolar North Atlantic is a key region for regulating Earth’s climate which features strong ocean-atmosphere interaction and connects the upper and lower branches of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). The progressive transformation from warm surface waters into North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW) and their subsequent equatorward spreading drives northward ocean heat transport, sequesters anthropogenic carbon, and oxygenates the deep ocean. Recent advances have significantly improved our understanding of sources of AMOC variability and spreading pathways of NADW, as well as the biogeochemical implications of both.

This session will highlight the latest research on ocean physics and biogeochemistry in the subpolar North Atlantic in a broad interdisciplinary setting. We invite contributions on a diverse set of topics including AMOC variability and its connection to Earth’s climate, the transport pathways and transformation of heat, freshwater, oxygen, nutrients and carbon throughout the basin, and their links to air-sea gas exchange, carbon sequestration, and the biological carbon pump. The session encourages submissions using the wealth of data from past and ongoing observational programs, such as OSNAP, OVIDE, AZOMP, and BGC-Argo, as well as studies using regional or global models.