RREX 2015 cruise underway

By Camille Lique

It has been almost a week since the RREX 2015 cruise started. After loading all our scientific equipment onto the N/O Thalassa, and finding a place for everything, we headed out from Brest (France) on Saturday, June 6th.

Ifremer/RREX/V. Thierry N/O Thalassa is ready for the departure


C. Maes Departure of the N/O Thalassa seen from Brest

The first few days were fairly quiet. It takes almost five days to reach the Reykjanes ridge (South of Iceland) where we will do most of our measurements. It’s a http://buyantibioticsonline.org good thing as it gave us time to get use to being at sea again and get back on our feet. The journey has been busy with a first test CTD station to train everyone to the specific tasks they will perform, and to test all the instruments (and of course to fix some of them!).

RREX ctd

Ifremer/RREX/V. Thierry Sampling during the First test CTD station

By Wednesday night we had reached the first CTD station for the RREX cruise (blue dot on the map) and everyone was ready to start working during their night and day work shifts. More about the measurements next time!

Ifremer/RREX/V. Thierry N/O Thalassa is ready for the departure

Ifremer/RREX/V. Thierry Map of planned stations for the RREX cruise








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