Maximizing the schedule

by Laura de Steur

OSNAP 9: R/V Pelagia (EAST Leg 2)

Since we arrived at the moorings sites in the northward flowing Irminger Current on the Reykjanes Ridge, we have been working around the clock. With all 5 moorings recovered in two days, and needing to deploy those again soon, the days seemed too short and time flew by. We will show and tell more soon about these mooring recoveries (YES, with a lot of excellent data to work on for at least a little while). As we needed a couple of days to prepare our instruments again to redeploy the moorings for another year we did 20 full-depth CTD stations (so high ordertramadol resolution) whilst steaming back towards the start of the mooring line on the top of the ridge. This short video illustrates that…

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