Data from the OSNAP moorings, gliders and floats will be made publicly available no later than two years after the data are collected (please refer to the OSNAP data management plan for more details regarding OSNAP data access).


Derived data

The OSNAP PIs are committed to a timely delivery of OSNAP data products, which will include:

1) MOC time series, calculated in both density and depth coordinates, with associated uncertainty estimates;
2) MHT and MFT time series with associated uncertainty estimates;
3) gridded cross-sections of temperature and salinity.

The expected delivery of the first OSNAP products is the summer of 2018.


Instrument data

Calibrated and quality-controlled data from moored instruments and gliders were generated and made freely available by each participating group. 


Mooring data

   + Canadian shelfbreak array   

   + US Labrador Sea eastern boundary array   

   + US east Cape Farewell slope array   

   + NIOZ western Mid-Atlantic-Ridge array   
         .2014-2015   .2015-2016

   + US eastern Mid-Atlantic-Ridge array   


Glider data

   + WHOI/OUC glider     

   + SAMS glider