International Oversight Committee

The overall purpose of the OSNAP International Project Oversight Committee (IPOC) is to provide an independent assessment of progress toward OSNAP program goals. The IPOC, whose membership is drawn from the international oceanographic community, will provide that assessment to the OSNAP Steering Committee on an annual basis. The OSNAP Steering Committee has the responsibility for the response to the assessment.

The primary focus of the IPOC assessment will be an evaluation of progress on the international OSNAP program goals. Additionally, the IPOC assessment will provide advice on effective communication within the OSNAP scientific community, to the broader oceanographic community and to the public in general. Advice will also be sought on the coordination of OSNAP activities, management and dissemination of OSNAP data, timely publication of scientific results and on the strategic direction of the program. Finally, the IPOC will provide advice on the extent to which OSNAP effectively engages with other North Atlantic observational programs.

Kevin Speer (Chair)
Professor, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Florida State University

Patrick  Heimbach
Senior Research Scientist, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Monika Rhein
Professor, Program in Environmental Physics
University of Bremen

Sarbrina Speich
Professor, Department of Geociences
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

Richard Wood
Fellow and Head, Oceans, Cryosphere and Oceans Group
Met Office Hadley Centre


Report to the OSNAP International Oversight Committee can be downloaded here:  20150921